Lies In Bed And Thinks About Getting Up E​.​P.

by Slackary

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released April 19, 2017

Music Written & Performed by Zachary Ghaderi
Mixed by Matthew Rougeux
Recorded @ Bellevue Below (Our Basement)



all rights reserved


Slackary Cincinnati, Ohio

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Track Name: Staying Here
Staying Here

The sun began to shine
I couldn't recall the time
And in this early scene
It felt like I was falling into a dream

Specks of dust dance
In an eternity of chance
In front of my eyes
Do they go forever, or can they be quantified?

And all the walls
Seem so tall
Seem so wide
Luckily my door it leads outside

I could lay here
All day long
Thinking of words
To a simple song
But if I do
I wouldn't get to see you

The stars above me shine
I still don't know the time
From this rooftop stakeout
I feel fully awake now

The cool wind whispers
Right into my ears
And if I lean in slow
I can hear all the lives below

I wonder who they are
All the people in their cars
Rushing rushing til they're spent
But for me I couldn't be more content

I could stay here
All night long
Dreaming up words
To a simple song
But if I do
I wouldn't get to see you
Track Name: Molasses

Slower than molasses
When all you want is speed
Hot gunnin' and runnin'
What more do ya need
Patience and persistence
Are preaching quality
To rip through all the monotomy

Payoff is probably
A poor choice of words
Who ever really got
What they thought they deserved
Nonetheless continued
If nothing but for the passion
Learn, create, repeat
In a slow and careful fashion

Runnin runnin runnin in circles
Runnin runnin runnin in circles
Workin til your hysterical
Runnin runnin runnin runnin
Runnin runnin runnin runnin
Track Name: Moving Mountains
Moving Mountains

Well I ain't moving no mountains
I ain't changing no lives
There's something I need to tell ya
But oh, never mind
I looked out the window
Just to observe
Sometimes that's the best thing
From what I have learned

Flow like water
Breathe like the trees
Flow like water
Breathe like the trees
Flow like water
Breathe like the trees

People with opinions
Pushin' people around
Know what they want
But don't know what they've found
Me I see a lot of things
As I sit on the shelf
I got a few opinions too
But I keep 'em to myself

Flow like water
Breathe like the trees
I am right where I'm supposed to be
Track Name: Slow Goin'
Slow Goin'

On my way out
In the pourin' rain
Oh the light don't work
Ain't it me to blame
Just tryin' to make my way around
Too late, no luck, and it's goin' down
Back up, get stuck
Cross through, no moves
Back up, get stuck
Too late, no luck

And I know
If I go too slow
I may lose it all

On my way back
And it's getting' dark
All the lights out
And I gotta go far
Jack be nimble
Jack be quick
Run like hell
Pray like shit
Ooo who's
Comin' after you
Who's views
With the truth
And watchoo gotta do
I wonder
If it's right
As it all flies by
Do I leave it behind?

And I know
If I go too slow
I may lose it all

And I know
If I go
That may just be all